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Sensations is a leading manufacturer of ice cream in Bhubaneswar. It also sells ice cream of different kinds and flavours. Ice cream lovers should definitely opt for Sensations, since it is the best shop in the niche of ice-creams.

It is Odisha’s first cold stone ice cream parlour and is reputed for selling cold stone ice cream. Ice-creams are more at demand in summer season and people flock to ice cream parlours to grab a bite of ice creams. It is at this point of time that Sensations remains the most crowded.

Sensations sell ice-creams of different varieties and various flavours, such as chocolate, strawberry, mango, butterscotch, vanilla, pineapple, kesar pista and green pista. Besides selling ice creams of different varieties, Sensations also sells fruit juices and cakes of flavourful varieties such as pan cakes, photo cakes, birthday cakes and theme cakes.

Photo cakes are cakes with a photograph imprint. Photo cakes are manufactured with the help of edible ink. Photos made of edible ink is printed onto sugar-based frosting sheets or wafer paper that is then placed on top of the cake. Theme cakes are cakes which are manufactured basing upon a particular theme. Theme cakes and photo cakes are trending nowadays and is mostly preferred by youngsters


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